GolfTest USA Seal Of Excellence

GolfTest USA is an independent body that periodically performs reviews on products within the golf industry. The Power Stik Golf Swing Trainer received their highest rating - EAGLE!

Dan Gaunt, European TP Tour Player of The Year

I started using the Power Stik about 3 months ago. Firstly I used it just for a warm up routine as the weight of the club really helped loosen me up then gradually moved into more advanced exercises with it to gain strength , power , stability.
I have also improved my control of shots, with a more consistent shot shape after using the Power Stik. I have found it a extremely important tool for my whole routine daily for tournament golf. I have gained a lot more speed in my swing and also a lot more stability. The weight of your clubs after using the Power Stik feels great and creates a lot of confidence in my game to perform at the highest level. If you to want to improve and gain all these in your game. The Power Stik is a must to be part of your routine. Thanks George for all the support and look forward to continuing a great relationship.

Sandra Angulo - LPGA - Symetra Tour

Sandra Angulo is a ladies professional golfer. Here are her quotes-" The Power Stik has been a great training tool for me. Because of this training, I have gained 30 more yards on my drives. I have gained more clubhead speed, and much better balance! With the weight on the end of the Power Stik, I have been able to keep up my training wherever I go and my overall strength has improved. I recommend the Power Stik to anyone wanting to gain more distance. Thanks for sending me this great training tool!

Testimonial From Doug Conklin - Professional Golfer - NGA Hooters Tour

Before using the Power Stik Golf Swing Trainer:
Hello, I would like to try your product. I am a professional golfer and was on the Hooters Tour until my car accident. I am recovering and think this would help get my flexibility and rotation back. I think your swing trainer will really help me, and I would be more than happy to give you feedback.

After Using Power Stik Golf Training Aid:
Hello... I am very pleased with the Power Stik!! When I first started using it, I could only go for 5 minutes before stopping. I have now moved up to 10 minutes twice a day. It is unbelievable the results I am getting. My backswing has increased 10-15 per cent, and my flexibility is up at least 50 per cent. It sure has decreased the amount of time I will need for recovery. I have regained about 60 per cent of my lost distance also. The PowerStik has not only become a rehabilitation tool, but a training aid and I will continue to use it once I am fully recovered. I feel that anyone that uses this correctly will gain considerable distance along with training the muscles to swing on the correct swing path. If you try and swing this club wrong, you can't keep your balance. It is a great addition to my equipment. Thank you again!!!

Nancy Quarcelino - Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher - LPGA T&CP Hall Of Fame

We use the Power Stik Golf Swing Trainer of course for warming our students up on the lesson tee. But we are doing three things for helping our students get more distance.  We swing a lightweight shaft 15 times fast- then we swing the Power Stik  15 times with pace- and finally they swing their driver and hit the golf ball  15 times fast with no regard as to what the ball will do. Then they go through their practice as they normally would.

Within one month, my Symmetra Tour Player increased her driving distance by 25 yards, and her swing speed by 8 mph. IT'S A GREAT PRODUCT!  

The Following Are Comments Made By Golfers Who Purchased The Power Stik

"Helped lower my handicap by 6 strokes in my first month. After using the Power Stik it seems that I am able to control the club head longer thru the hitting area. I am also able to take the club back farther which has really increased my distance."

"This is a good no-frills product. It features a full size club unlike others I have used. The weighting really allows a golfer to increase flexibility and steady his balance."

"I've been playing golf for about 25 years, and have bought many, many new sets of irons and drivers-specifically to increase my distance-with not much success. I bought a Power Stik and within 2 weeks was hitting one less iron, and by the end of the month was hitting my driver about 35 yards longer. I finally understand the only way to truly increase your distance, is to increase your swing speed. If you're like me and don't like exercising or going to a gym-Get a POWER STIK because it REALLY WORKS! All my golfing buddies wondered why I was hitting it so much further, and I tried to hide it from them-but one of them saw me swinging it in my garage. Now, all of them have one!!"