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Power Stik Is a Golf Training Aid

If you compare the top 50 golfers in the world at any moment, none of them have the exact same swing. The one and only thing they all have in common is that their balance during their swing is nearly perfect! The Power Stik is the only golf swing trainer developed by ORTHOPEDIC SURGEONS to provide targeted resistance to major muscle groups utilized in swing speed and balance. The proprietary weight displacement in the Power Stik is unique, which leads to rapid strength gains, and improvement in your balance during each swing of the club! There is only ONE way to strengthen all the golf muscles, and improve balance at the same time-swing a weighted club using YOUR OWN SWING!

What the Power Stik Golf Swing Trainer Does for You

The Power Stik is designed to provide many benefits as you strive to improve your golf game. This trainer includes:

Improving Overall Fitness
• Adding Distance to Your Shots
• Perfecting Your Grip, Balance, & Swing Tempo
• Helping You to Create a Powerful & Repeatable Swing
• Increasing Accuracy with Your Irons
• Strengthening & Stretching Golf Muscles
• Adding Strength, Consistency, & Flexibility to Your Swing

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